Norman Nielsen is a Certified WishList Developer

I feel that there is a large future in the use of a membership website.

Certified Wishlist DeveloperA membership website can be used to provide a variety of information to a selected group of readers. A membership website will provide a way to control content. Controlling content allows the ability to both provide this information on a only if you pay for it basis or to allow for free to individuals that should have the information, or are a part of your project.

The platform that we recommend for a membership web site is the Wishlist Membership plugin for WordPress. This plugin uses the many benefits of WordPress and build it into a very powerful and flexible membership web site.


We have gone through the training program and are a Certified Wishlist Developer. This means we can help you create and maintain a membership website using the Wishlist Plugin and WordPress

Learn about the 10 ways a membership site can be used.


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