Lets learn to make a  membership website with WordPress

Membership Website using WishList MemberA membership website can be used for many things. In anouther post we talked about the 10 different types of membership websites.

Today we will talk about how you can setup your own membership website. A membership website is basically a website that has access to the content controlled. This website can be a standard website with a protected directory, a modified blog where there can be discussions, or a full forum website with reader interaction.

When we use a combination of WordPress and Wishlist Member we can have all three in the same website.

WishList Member allows for a membership website using the WordPress platform.

By installing wishlist member plugin as one of your plugins in WordPress you have the controlled access of your data, and you also have full integration with billing/shopping carts, and with an auto responder. If you are interested in a forum you can add the Simple Press plugin.

Use other standard plugins with your membership website

When you build your membership website you will want to use all of the same plugins that you would for any WordPress website,]. That is you will want to iclude plug ins to handle media, such as audio file, and video files, the SEO plugins such as SEO Pressor, and the tracking plug ins that will tell you who your visitors were. The addition of wishlist member will not be effected by any of these plugins.

Other things you will need for your membership website.

As with any website you will need a domain name, a web site host, and a niche to work with. Most websites should also have a group of keywords that you will want to optimize to. If you are wanting help building your membership website we offer a membership website coaching plan where we can help you build your site

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