Membership Website

Membership Website

We are now a Certified Developer for Wishlist Membership plug in for WordPress

NormanNielsen is a WishList Certified Developer of Membership Website

We recommend and use and can build a Membership Website for you using the WishList Member plug in.

Membership Website Types include:

Publisher Model Membership Website:

The Publisher Model of membership website is similar to a magazine. In this model you publish new content on a regular schedule. You provide content that will interest your targeted reader. You also use the “more” function to show the start of your article, and require your reader to login to read the remainder of your article. The reader can be a paid or free subscriber. Using an autoresponder system such as Aweber is highly recommended in order to be able to send targeted newsletters. With the wishlist member plug in you can integrate all of this into one complete system.

UPS Model Membership Website:

With the UPS Model of Membership Website you can setup your website to deliver content to your subscribers on a regular basis. You set up your membership website to sell your product and register your customers. After you have your customers registered you provide a new digital product on a regualr schedule. Your subscribers can log into your membership website and download the product you provide.

Micro Continuity Membership WebSite:

Modular Course Membership Website:

A Modular Course Membership Website is used to provide web based training. With the Modular Course Membership Model you set up your membership website to deliver a training course over the internet. The WishList plugin is configured to sell your course and deliver it to your customers on a preset schedule.

Protected Download Area Membership Website:

The Protected Download Area Membership Website will allow you to provide download content to selected and controlled subscribers.

Project Management System Membership Website:

The Project Management System Mebership Website allows a number of users to work with a common project. The controlled access allowed with both the registation and control of content allows a lot of flexibility in management.

Community Center Membership Website:

Private Members Area Membership Website:

The Private Membership Area Membership Website allows you to control the access of your material and downloads to only the membership of your organization or website.

Coaching Membership Website:

If you are a coach you can use a Coaching Membership Website. This will allow you to set up a seperate membership for each of your clients and allow you to share information to all or some of your clients. Your clients can also use the site to comment back to your material.

Combo Model Membership Website:

You have the flexibility to combine the features of several of the membership models and create the type of membership website that best fits your needs.

At Nielsen Hosting we can help you create and operate any of these types of Membership website.

For more information on setting up your own Membership Website follow this link:

When you are ready to start you membership website Contact us for more information.

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